About me

I am Toni Bakota from Croatia, EU
– entrepreneur and business coach

If you are a small or mid-size company, my unique combination of experience, intelligence and drive will help you shorten your path to achieve your business goals.
I specialize in one-on-one business coaching for small and medium size company CEOs and business owners.

I also founded and I’m managing my own real-world business operating in a highly competitive market.
Even I travel abroad 3-6 months a year, my company is experiencing a constant growth.

It is possible because of my passionate approach in propertly organizing companies. Proper company organization makes a huge difference in raising company’s efficiency and lowering stress levels, making it more resilient to any kind of outer threats.

I’m also passionate in searching and putting to work unused inner and outer business resources and opportunities, resulting in a safe business growth.

Toni Bakota entrepreneur and business coach

Discover how I can help your company thrive in an uncertain and highly competitive market