Why me

My mission is to help my clients achieve

In this process client needs are my first priority!

When working with my clients I fully immerse to understand their unique situation, needs and ways to define their unique strengths and opportunities to achieve goals in the safest possible way.

Few other reasons why you should hire me as your business coach

As a recent business coaching graduate I’m bringing a fresh perspective to the business coaching.

With modern perspective thinking and knowledge, I will help you break barriers stopping you to propell your business forward.

I am also not afraid to challenge the status quo and think outside the box to help you achieve your needs and goals.

I have a seven year track record of starting from scratch, building and managing a successful business in an extremely competitive market.

That experience provided me a deep understanding of business challenges and concrete ways to overcome them. It also gave me unique experiences, techniques and ways to spot profitable low-risk opportunities and using them to grow a business.

Omnipresent saying that more risk = more profit is a fallacy that can drive your business to failure.
My motto is „Never risk a kingdom for a pot of gold”.
There are always ways to make your business grow with low risk and I do everything to find them.

I am happy to apply same principles that made my business successful and independent to your company growth and optimal organization.

I fully use my knowledge and experience in a „hold nothing back” approach to help my clients develop and implement effective tactics and strategies for their sustainable business growth.

Intellectual curiosity is my constant drive. It pushes me to expand business knowledge and skills and apply them.
I am always curious and eager learning new knowledge, directly benefiting my clients.

Relationship with my clients is always focused on brainstorming and support in a confident, safe and non-judgmental way. If I’m your business coach, I will provide you with a personalized coaching, support and guidance every step of the way.

I will be happy to share all my knowledge and passion and bring clarity and measurable success to your company.

Toni Bakota

When you are ready for growing and organizing your business in a safe way with low or no risk